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Great Benefits of Irrigation.

Irrigation is the controlled application of water to plants. The water is availed at the plants in intervals since the irrigation process requires proper handling and wastage free process. Irrigation is common in areas that receive little amounts of rainfall. Apart from growing agricultural products, irrigation is also majorly used in landscape maintenance.

As an agricultural purpose, the weed growth can be greatly controlled through irrigation. Irrigation plays a great role in ensuring that there is less soil consolidation which may be regarded as improper hardness of the soil. Animal production is also a major user of irrigation since it enables the cooling of animal bodies through drinking of water. Dust can be reduced and controlled through irrigation. Other major uses of irrigation include mining irrigation, to soften rocks and also control dust in mining areas. Irrigation is purposeful in carrying out sewage disposal. Irrigation is actually a form of drainage, which include eradication of water on a particular surface.

The world has experience a varying use different means of irrigation in different countries and cultures. Many countries have had use of irrigation in maintaining crop production to ensure self-sustaining production of food. Irrigation has been greatly used in desert and semi-desert countries throughout a large period of time. Improvement in technology under the irrigation has made the practice of irrigation to rise throughout the years. Through the efficient technology, countries are using their available resources that is the water bodies to supply water to the dry parts of the country.

The types of irrigation depends on the method of water supply to the crops. The consumption needs of the plants determines the amount of water to be supplied. For growth, some plants may require large amounts of water while others may not hence a variance in terms of water required for irrigating different plants. Among the oldest type of irrigation is the surface irrigation. Irrigation to the farming land is done through furrows. Flooding may result especially when the soil has received enough water. This method is mainly used under areas with sufficient and probably heavy supply of water in and it is still being used in countries with sufficient water bodies.

Other types of irrigation include the micro irrigation which can also be known as the trickle irrigation. There is the use of pipes and water is distributed in low amounts at a certain pattern. This is basically a type of drip irrigation and may also involve using other structures such as sprinklers and sprays. Yakima Irrigation is an example of a destination that initiates the appropriate mode of irrigation while also helping their clients in the structures and equipment needed for irrigation.

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