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Drinking of Alcohol In The Place Of Work

Drinking of alcohol in places of work is experienced in some of the companies where one of the employees in every ten employees drinks alcohol and discover more. In your institution or firm that you have you might end up employing such an individual who uses alcohol and it is important to identify the individual to enable you as the owner or the manager of the company to do something leaving the company in a position that it can be successful.

One of the reasons that can help you know to spot the signs of alcohol present in the workplace is that the employee can decline in the performance of their tasks that they are supposed to do in the organization. There are so many things that make the employer or the owner of a business to spot those employees drinking alcohol in the workplace which results to them not to be high functioning as they are supposed to be which includes sleeping as they perform their tasks, smelling alcohol as they report to place of work or when they are returning from lunch break, staying away from the supervisors, making decisions without thinking of the consequences and facts and falling to keep contact.

When you have spotted such behaviors by some of your employees you will know that they have a problem of addiction to alcohol. There are two major things that can always recognize before spotting the other behaviors that are evident in an employer who drinks alcohol in the place of which are being unreliable and unexplained absence in the place of work by the employees.

Employees with the problem of drinking alcohol do not tell their reasons for being absent in the place of work which can be in various forms such as reporting to work very late, workplace during the working hours so as to go and add more alcohol because they are addicted to it and at some other times missing to attend to work. Due to unexplained absenteeism by those employees who drink alcohol in the places of work they later fail to be present in important business meetings and appointments and they also provide reasons that are not convincing to the reason why they were absent from work and discover more.

Brain blackouts by an employee as one of the companys member can be caused by consumption of alcohol which results to the employer being unreliable. Brain blackouts by consuming alcohol employees can lead them to be so forgetful about the responsibilities that they are supposed to take care of which can also result to missing of deadlines of submission and even leaving other tasks uncompleted and click here for more. Failing of responsibilities by employees of the business due to abuse of alcohol can result to other employees getting angry and being frustrated because the employee cannot be relied on in the performance of tasks that are supposed to be taken care of.