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The Best Way to Handle the Issue of Hair Loss in Men

We all hold great pride in the fact that we have a head full of hair. This makes it hard to see it starting to thin out, and us growing bald. There is hardly anyone how wishes to lose their hair. You shall even her of some cases where young people in their twenties losing their hair. This makes it even harder to bear. Such hair loss is common in men than in women. Such a loss is called Androgenic Alopecia, and it hits many men out there. This is what you see as a baldness following a pattern, where you end up with the shape M on your head. You shall see it recede until all the hair is gone.

The most common cause of such baldness has been found to be DHT, a compound derived from the male hormone testosterone. A lot still has to be done to ascertain the details of how DHT works to lead to hair loss. We however can attest to the fact that it is what causes most men to lose their hair. The more DHT you have in your system, the more follicular miniaturization shall occur in you. The DHT is seen to cause the hair follicles to shrink. Follicles are where the hair sprouts from. It needs to remain open and healthy for healthy hair growth. Anything that hinders such a state leads them to shrink, thus thinning out the hair, an action which if it persists, there shall be balding with no reversible chances.

The industry concerned with hair loss is a growing and well-funded one, where solutions are being developed frequently. This is the place to go when you have a case of premature hair loss, thinning of hair or baldness. There are some approaches that work to restore hair growth and strength. The treatments available are concerned with making sure the interference brought about by DHT levels in our systems is kept to a minimum, by acting on the DHT itself. The solutions available as of now are either in the prescription drugs category or in the natural treatments category.

There are some popular pharmaceutical interventions that have led to the reversal of the hair loss process. These have worked, but unfortunately have also led to some undesirable side effects. There have been reported cases of erectile dysfunction as a result of using these drugs. This is why more and more people are looking for natural remedies, which are believed to possess none of those side effects. You have to carefully search for the right kind of treatment for your use. You need to aim for something natural, extensively tested, and with consistent results. You shall find out more about them here.

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