Look No Further for Exercise Machine Help

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For people looking to get a safe, effective workout in the comfort of their home, an exercise bike becomes the perfect first option for both veterans and people just easing into working out as part of their lifestyle. They are compact, portable and don’t require anything more than a change of clothes, some music or other entertainment and a few minutes of a day.

Yet with the ton of bikes on the market, finding the good ones can be a bit of a challenge. Certain key components may be needed but lacking on a top of a line machine, but be present while missing a lot of essentials on another. While this is by no means all-inclusive, here is a small condensed exercise bike guide to give an idea of what to look for.

The Essentials

Exercise bicycles stay in place, so finding one with adjustable everything is a must. A bike with adjustable handlebars, an adjustable seat and even adjustable pedals if possible will allow for a wider range of motion and even different exercises than one could get on just a stationary bike alone.

Cleated pedals and shoes are another must have. These are pedals and shoes that interlock so a foot slipping off is reduced if not completely eliminated. Allowing for full pedal strokes without worry means that more power can be built in the hamstrings and glutes.

The Extras

A bike with resistance and calorie and distance trackers are not necessary but can be a fantastic asset. Knowing how long a person has gone in a period of time can create a baseline for a workout and also give numbers for improvement or challenge areas to reach.

Many bikes now come with or can easily have phone and tablet mounts attached. For people still wanting a group atmosphere without a gym, apps and video conferencing allow for people exercising to get to know each other. Whether a morning person would like to share the news with other morning people or night owls looking to decompress with other night owls, exercising on bikes can turn a daily task into a fun shared experience.

Reviews can play a big part in finding the perfect bike and ensuring it has the features you need with extras you would enjoy. Find the essentials and find your perfect machine.