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What You Need to Know About Funny High School Senior Yearbook Quotes That Will Inspire You

Very people complete high school studies every year.People go through very many problems for people to survive through high school.Some of the problems that people go through include acne, pep rallies as well as cyber-bullying.

An eye wink, a diploma as well as a handshake are some of the rewards that high school graduates are given instead of getting the right reward which is the Nobel peace prize.The next level of education after high school is college.It is however very important that before going to college, one writes their best yearbook quote.This article will highlighted some of the funniest yearbook quotes that have been made with the aim of inspiring a high school graduate to write an yearbook quote.

One of the most yearbook renown quotes is that becoming deliriously happy or a professional harp player in the future.The author of this quote was Bruce Willis. The phrase I dress well, I did not spend all the time in the closet for nothing is also another very famous yearbook quote.This quote is very vital as it shows us the need for us to love ourselves and show that love to the world.

Another very famous yearbook quote is the one that says that the roof is not my son but I will raise it. It is not only the message that is important to take note of about this quote but also the play of words.
The other very famous yearbook quote is that of please God, please, do not let be normal. The brain behind this renown yearbook saying is none other than Sigourney Weaver. There are very many teachings that one could get from this yearbook quote. The main teaching of this quote is that people should work to be their very best.

Another very big yearbook quote is that which says that if you want to play with the big boys, you will have to know how to play in the tall grass.The author of this quote is Tom Brandy. Learning how to navigate very difficult seasons in one’s life is the main teaching of this quote. Any pizza is personal pizza if you eat it yourself is also another example of the famous yearbook quotes. Don’t follow your dreams. Follow me on Instagram is the other quote.It is worth noting that this quote is very applicable especially during this times when social media has become very important because it helps a person increase their social media followers in the social media platforms.